How Much Does Addiction Treatment Cost?

In this article, I’m going to help you understand how much addiction treatment cost in the difference between three types of addiction treatment programs. There are private addiction treatment, public addiction treatment, and free addiction treatment programs.

Understanding your options is the first step toward recovery. Because if you choose wrong, it can not only waste, thousands and thousands of dollars. But years of heartache and you really don’t know how many chances you’re gonna get to solve this problem.

How to pay for drug rehab without insurance?

Let’s start by talking about free addiction treatment all over the country and probably all over the world. There are three addiction treatment programs there, usually by nonprofit agencies. Most of the time, their religious ran, are government-funded addiction treatment programs. That is free and those programs can be residential where you actually live at the treatment center or even outpatient. If you can get your treatment for free, why would you pay for it or why would you go somewhere else?

And the answer to that? It’s not the best option for everyone. Of course, the pros of free addiction treatment would be it’s free, that’s a huge pro, but the cons are many times.

These places are run by religious organizations, which is great and they help people get into recovery and they help them connect to their higher power. All of that’s wonderful, and that works for many many people. But usually, these places are pretty strict with the rules. They usually have pretty long waiting lists and, if you’re dealing with a person, especially if it’s a young person who just isn’t sure about this whole religion thing. It’s not always the best fit many times these programs take people who really have no other options. Sometimes they help provide treatment for people who are homeless, who have really hit that rock bottom and they’re willing is way up there.

They are super strict

Secondly, they’re super strict and the way they feel about it rightfully is hell. If you don’t want the help, if you’re gonna be argumentative and difficult, then you know what you just come back when you’re willing, because “we got 10 other people on the waiting list” and I can definitely understand that you’ve got to think it’s the right person in the right situation.

That really works well for these three addiction treatment programs, it’s not really that the program is good. It’s just that it takes a specific person and situation to be really successful there.

Public addiction treatment programs cost

The second kind of addiction treatment that I want to talk about in this article is public addiction treatment programs. Every city of any size usually has an addiction treatment program ran by the state or the local drug and alcohol abuse Commission. Now these are good programs. They have to have licensed qualified staff, they have to use methods that are clinically proven in general.

These are great programs and usually, they’ll accept insurance. Sometimes they’ll do like a sliding scale and work with people not free, but they’re. Those would be the pros of going into a program like this. The kind of addiction treatment program is that a lot of times if someone gets mandated to treatment. This is where they’ll go like four: they got a possession charge or other kind of criminal charge, and not the that makes those people bad because of plenty of the clients have charges like that. The culture isn’t always the best, because most addiction treatment is done in group environments and in recovery communities.

If the majority of the people that are in those communities are highly resistant, are just trying to check a box, or just trying to get out of trouble, then the culture of that group might not be the healthiest. You’ve got to be careful with that, especially if you’re dealing with a young person who needs addiction treatment. You’ve got to be careful because you could be throwing them into the lion’s den.

Private addiction treatment programs cost

The last time addiction treatment I want to talk about is private addiction. Treatment. Private can mean a smaller one. The addiction treatment center may be privately owned and it could all mean a large private corporation that owns lots and lots of addiction treatment centers.

What it means is? it’s not government-owned: it’s not government paid for or sponsored. It is not religiously sponsored, but it’s sponsored by either a person, an individual person, a small group of people, or a large corporation, but that’s not tied to the government any kind of way oftentimes.

Most of the time those you can get into using your private insurance. If you have private insurance, which is kind of nice because that makes it less expensive. But because many of these places treat people with using they’re in plans, then they have to abide by those insurance rules and regulations about who gets treated under what conditions, and for how long.

Does Insurance Pay For drug rehab?

We’ve got a whole article, where I explain, insurance and rehab addiction treatment cost, and how that works, and do they pay or not pay, and how is that?

They may not pay for it for as long as someone needs or they may pay for certain services, but not other services. You get pretty good care and you can get your insurance to pay for it. But oftentimes you’re not going to get all of what you need under an insurance plan. Then there are other rehabs of privately owned by smaller businesses. Then there is these other smaller, privately owned addiction treatment.

They don’t accept insurance and they’re considered what they call out-of-pocket. Which basically means you pay for them, and a lot of those programs are really great. It means they’re, you know like any small business, they’re smaller they can cater to what their clients need.

Who is funding the addiction treatment?

They can give all the structure and support that they need, but always make sure you ask the right questions. Find out what you’re getting there are pros and cons to any which way that you go about this. I gotta say like most things in life: get what you pay for, not meaning that there’s anything wrong with any of the types of treatment. Treatment and staffing and structure and drug testing and 24/7 staff cost money and that money’s got to come from somewhere. Is it coming from:

  • the government?
  • private donations?
  • your insurance company or are you paying it out-of-pocket?

Guess it’s free addiction treatments about who’s funding the treatment and whoever’s funding the treatment gets to make the treatment decisions.

That’s the key thing here: do you want the government to make the treatment decisions? Do you want a charity making the treatment decisions? Do you want insurance companies, or do you want to make those decisions? That’s the difference there, public, private or free addiction treatment options for more information to understand all the different levels of care, and how to know when you need what makes sure.

That way, your arm goes all the right information. You don’t lose tons of money or precious time. You can get help for yourself or for a little of the one.

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